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Author Arminé Papouchian Releases Heart Touching new Book “Love Has No Limits” 

Arminé Papouchian experienced from a young age what it was like to fall in love and then be separated, and then to find love again despite the odds. She tells all in her new book “Love Has No Limits”.

November 26, 2020

Love is one of, if not the most, powerful emotion and feeling on Earth. It can be the source of the greatest of joys, but also of deep sadness. Few are fortunate enough to experience this range of deep love as well as author Arminé Papouchian, who at 16 fell completely in love in her native Armenia, only to be forced to move with her family to the United States shortly after. Arminé tells this true story of loss and redemption in all of its dimensions in her new book, published by The Light Network, “Love Has No Limits”. The excitement surrounding this honest, emotionally powerful series of experiences in a young woman into a woman’s life, is high and rising.

“I felt this story had to be told as it would resonate with many women and inspire them to find strength to take one step in front of the other to move forward despite challenges life brings to us,” commented passionate Arminé. “We often don’t realize how resilient we are until we are faced with adversities in our life, we fall and at times crawl on our knees but somehow find the strength to get up and move forward with our life. I had some very low points in my life but I tried my best to keep faith. Ultimately love wins in the end. Love has no limits.”

According to Arminé, “Love Has No Limits” is a story of an ordinary immigrant girl and her extraordinary life’s journey, starting in Armenia, to being separated from her love as her family pursued greater opportunities in the United States, and her time waiting and hoping to be reunited. It culminates in her connecting with her love again, with all the magic that could be expected to bring, undeterred by deaths, divorces, and the greatest of challenges imaginable. Love Has No Limits is Arminé’s story of keeping faith in oneself and in love despite heartbreak, betrayal, and loss. It shows that through faith, love and resilience all things are possible.

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